Commercial-Grade Restaurant Equipment Preferred by the Pros

Commercial-Grade Restaurant Equipment Preferred by the Pros

When it comes to selecting restaurant equipment, ordering appliances that are reliable, energy efficient and meet the needs of your operation are a must. With appliances first on the list of commercial kitchen essentials, it only makes sense to take the time to review what if preferred by the pros. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top-rated brands.

In business since the 1940s, Bakers Pride sets themselves apart from the competition with the invention of their modern production pizza oven. The reliability and energy efficiency of their appliances make them a top option in commercial kitchens among professional bakers and chefs. Their stainless-steel ranges, convection ovens and even their gas charbroilers will be a sleek new addition to any commercial kitchen.

If you’re main operations consist of blending, then Blendtec should be on your purchase list. They have been in business since the 1970s and have a reputation built on their durability. Not just for smoothies and drinks, Blendtec also offers grain mills that are perfect for grinding dry goods.

When it comes time to cleaning the dishes, CMA Dishmachines specializes in high-powered commercial high-temperature and low-temperature chemical sanitizing machines for dishes, glasses and silverware. A trusted source since the 1970s, their machines are known for their fast turnaround which works well during peak dining times at your restaurant, allowing you to keep up with the demand for clean dishware.

Efficient food storage begins with Turbo Air. They have focused their business on food prep, storage and refrigeration. Their food storage options come in a variety of different sizes to accommodate any size kitchen workspace and help maximize use of your kitchen layout.

Besides choosing from the best brands for your restaurant equipment, you’ll also want to check the specifications before you finalize your purchase. Most commercial kitchen essentials look great on the outside, but do they truly meet the needs of your restaurant? Research things like warranty terms, key safety features, energy efficiency, measurements to make sure it fits in your designated space and verify storage options. These key features along with sticking to your budget will help ensure you get the appliances you want within the price range you need.

Need help picking out the best restaurant equipment for your commercial kitchen? Contact Texas Metal Equipment! We specialize in selecting commercial kitchen essentials that work well for your kitchen’s specific needs that fit within your budget.

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