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After learning about your concept, menu items and any special food prep and cooking processes, TME creates a comprehensive design. We take into consideration your concept as we make efficiency recommendations and complete space planning. Collaborating with other professionals including architects and interior designers, we work from initial concept layout and blocking sketches to scheme and detailed designs. Your TME team oversees all changes to the components or equipment within your planned space to control cost.

Once plans are solidified, TME develops an inventory of all items needed to construct the kitchen and bar and beverage areas, and develops a final set of foodservice plans. Equipment is then chosen and ordered, and custom, stainless-steel pieces are made in our manufacturing facility. To ensure all aspects of the design are installed correctly, TME liaises with general contractors and tradesmen throughout the construction process. Once all equipment is installed, performance checks are conducted and any modifications are made.

Project Management

Your TME team is on-hand from the beginning of the project, collaborating and consulting with architects, engineers, interior designers, contractors and tradesmen. We oversee every aspect from initial plans and designs, to budgeting and scheduling, to construction and installation, ensuring the design is executed correctly and your project runs smoothly.

Custom Stainless-Steel Fabrication

Food Service

TME fabricates custom stainless-steel commercial kitchen and bar components in our 24,000 square foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Fully-equipped with CAD/CAM technology, we fabricate custom products including cabinets, wall panels, shelving, countertops and refrigeration.

Because the footprint is set, kitchen and bar designs are space-driven. Oftentimes, standard size equipment doesn’t fit neatly with other components like countertops and storage, wasting valuable space. With customized stainless-steel products, your commercial kitchen and bar will be better built and exactly how you want it without sacrificing efficiency.


TME’s in-house design and build stainless-steel fabrication services create custom-use equipment and products including, but not limited to, countertops, cabinetry, caseworks, sinks and fume and canopy hoods. Our capabilities also include wall panels, brackets, level four biohazard lab equipment, chute/escape hatches and air sealed dunk tanks.

Because your lab must operate efficiently in the constraints of its space, TME designs and manufactures custom stainless-steel laboratory equipment and furniture precisely to your specifications. With over 75 years of experience in the industry, TME has become the go-to fabricator for stronger and sturdier custom lab products that aren’t available through manufacturers. Plus, with shorter lead times, the TME team can meet most deadlines and looks forward to working with clients to solve the challenges they face throughout the construction process.

Laser Cutting & Bending

With a state-of-the-art Bystronic laser cutting system, TME has reduced the machining time to produce larger quantities of high-quality parts to meet our clients’ project needs and maintain exact tolerances. Coupled with precision bending, TME’s programmers and machine operators work to efficiently produce a cost-effective product for a variety of manufactures and shops across many industries.

Building Commercial Success

With decades of experience, TME has extensive equipment knowledge and is also current on the latest product innovations. Depending on your operation, our team will recommend an equipment selection taking into consideration both your application and budget.

A Tradesman For Any Size Job

When it’s time to upgrade or replace equipment, TME is your single source. Our team supervises all changes made to your commercial kitchen and bar, ordering the right equipment and products, and fabricating pieces when necessary to make the space functional. TME is also on-hand when your operation is changing menu items. Let our team guide you through the remodel process to ensure your commercial kitchen is capable of producing your new menu items.

Delivery & Installation

TME delivers and installs single pieces of equipment to entire kitchen equipment packages across the nation. Often combined with other services, our install team can remove and replace old equipment, test and inspect new equipment and address any issues in the field. Working with a TME installation team provides you peace of mind that your commercial kitchen and bar will function as intended, leaving you with no surprises.

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