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Cool Timeline

Conceptual Beginnings

From our initial meeting through the final phases of design, TME gains a solid understanding of your project. After hearing about your foodservice concept, menu ideas and kitchen details – like the number of seats and bar placement – TME begins blocking out your space with equipment. While typical kitchen components are included, TME’s thorough line of questioning helps us determine unique attributes about how your kitchen and bar will need to function. Once we understand what’s different about your operation, we can account for any additional equipment or products your staff will need to create menu items.

Value Engineering

Working with architecture plans, TME inputs the specifications of your space into CAD to begin the physical arranging of equipment and kitchen components. Just like a puzzle, your TME team will analyze the space to explore various designs to achieve a high-performance layout. Because of our vast experience and expert ability to develop efficient kitchens, TME is able to save clients costs upfront and over the longevity of their commercial kitchen and bar.

Design Finalization

Once a layout is approved, TME develops foodservice rough-in plans detailing where plumbing, electrical and ventilation rough in requirements as well as placement of other non-mechanical items such as storage shelving. A full set of these foodservice sheets are then sent to the architect which includes a detailed schedule of all items necessary to be installed in the kitchen and bar. Once quoted and approved by the client, the order is mobilized. At this time TME also schedules manufacturing of all custom stainless-steel fabrication at our facility.

Construction & Installation

While construction of the kitchen and bar are taking place, TME organizes all incoming products and equipment at our warehouse. We take inventory of everything to guarantee we’re ready to install when the space is available. When access is granted, your TME team completes the install. Since we’re onsite the entire time, we’re able to make adjustments quickly should a field condition require a component need to be changed or modified.

Performance Check

Before your soft opening, all equipment is turned on and calibrated for a performance review. In the event that a piece of equipment isn’t working properly, TME oversees that it is addressed immediately. View our portfolio of completed work. 

Repair and Maintenance

For future use Clients are also provided an Authorized Service Agency (ASA) list which contains all the information necessary to communicate with the authorized service agency or manufacturer for troubleshooting assistance or repair needs. TME stays connected with our clients should there be any issues or if equipment needs to be upgraded or replaced in the future. Our team prides ourselves on the relationships we cultivate with clients throughout our process and after the completion of their commercial kitchen.