The Pros of Building a Commercial Kitchen During Economic Uncertainty

The Pros of Building a Commercial Kitchen During Economic Uncertainty

There is an uncanny resilience among the restaurant industry that inspires perseverance during economic challenges that is amplified by building a commercial kitchen in spite of the unknown. Kitchen construction continues and many restaurants are sticking to their original plans and continue to open their doors. Let’s go over the pros of building a commercial kitchen during a fluctuating economy.

Business Model Incorporates Regulation Updates.

Restaurant owners have been confident in their choice to open their doors during this uncertain time because they have adapted their business model to accommodate new rules. This has allowed them to think through everything from dining room size and furniture placement, to how workstations are spaced. This creates an atmosphere that is still inviting while compliant with new standards when planning kitchen construction and determining the layout.

Sales Goals Consider Economic Shift.

Understanding the current climate of the nation’s economic status allows restaurants to start out with smaller goals that a clean slate of a start-up provides. They can plan their operating costs around these smaller parameters to gauge a more budget-friendly concept. This is a more realistic and obtainable vantage point. The awesome thing about starting a business with realistic expectations and smaller goals is — there is only one way to go and that is up!

Workflow Accommodates Change in Demand.

With an increase in takeout and online orders, up and coming restaurants take in to account the importance of having an efficient online presence that allows for order placement, purchase and delivery with ease. Having modern technology from start-up puts new restaurants ahead of the game. Older restaurants operating under an outdated workflow struggle with this change. Streamlining the process with logistic automation and having a smaller menu allows for organized efficiency that supplies fast turnaround in takeout orders without having to sacrifice timely turnaround of service for patrons that visit in-house.

Staff Trained Before Doors Open.

Preparing to open after a change in the marketplace has occurred allows owners to fully train staff on the latest rules and modern workflow trends. This promotes a smoother start for opening day. This is optimal versus switching gears from an old way to a new way. New staff will be trained to be up to date with the latest standards. When staff knows and understands the expectations, they will meet them. Of course, there will be some unknowns that come up after opening. Having a well-prepared staff makes those unknowns easier to manage.

In times of stress food brings us together offering comfort as we gather around the dining table. It is more than just food to eat, restaurants transport our tastebuds to other parts of the world without the need to travel. Food entertains our tastebuds and inspires us to try new things. Opening a new restaurant with stricter rules and tougher economic times builds a strong business that can handle anything. With patrons still ordering online and lining up to eat in, it is proof that commercial kitchens are the flagship that brings their community together through a mutual passion for the culinary arts.

If you are starting a new commercial kitchen, and need design help to meet these new standards, or if you have a current restaurant that needs a modern update to be more efficient during this time of change, we have the solution. Contact us to learn more.

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