Commercial Kitchen Updates for a Safer Environment

Commercial Kitchen Updates for a Safer Environment

Safety for your commercial kitchen is critical to your business. Especially considering recent events involving the widespread coronavirus, it is more important than ever to consider employee and customer safety when constructing your restaurant’s kitchen.

Rely on a Solid Layout

You will want to make sure your design provides optimal efficiency and the ability for others to practice healthy habits while at work. Proper ventilation will be essential for staff to breathe easier in a busy kitchen. Food storage that fits within your plan should be reliable and easy to maintain and clean. A food storage area that keeps these ideas in mind can prevent workers and customers from getting sick. Assigned sinks and cleaning storage should be easily attainable throughout the entire day so employees can wash their hands, clean produce and reach sanitizing products as needed.

Selecting the Right Equipment

Safety goes hand-in-hand with sanitation, which can be fleshed out when picking surfaces and other appliances to go with your commercial kitchen. Whether you are creating a kitchen for a laboratory or restaurant, stainless steel appliances are going to be a lifesaver when it comes to maintaining cleanliness. A properly maintained and polished stainless-steel surface cleans better than other surfaces that can be more porous. Porous surfaces can catch harmful bacteria and small particles of food or grime.

Consider Additional Aspects

Refining a commercial kitchen’s design lies in the details. Pay special attention to aspects like plumbing and electrical to help reinforce safety practices. Once all equipment and cabinetry are installed, everything else should fit within your kitchen’s plan seamlessly.

By building an expertly designed commercial kitchen, you can help improve functionality and streamline the flow of employees. Texas Metal Equipment offers professional foodservice designs, installation, premium equipment and fabrication to build the commercial kitchen of your dreams. From brainstorming and kickoff to delivery and installation, Texas Metal Equipment can be there every step of the way to ensure that you’re getting the kitchen you’ve envisioned.

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