Menu or Concept? Which do You Need First to Design a Commercial Kitchen?

Menu or Concept? Which do You Need First to Design a Commercial Kitchen?

This is like the chicken and the egg scenario. Which came first? Do you have to know the style of your restaurant before dishes can be created, or do you need to know what direction you’re going with your menu before you can conceptualize an overall theme?

Menu First

There are multiple benefits to having your menu planned when it comes to designing a commercial kitchen:

  • Simplicity: Developed menus can help cut down on the clutter in your commercial kitchen. By already knowing key dishes and what it will take to cook and plate them (not to mention what storage and cleaning needs are), a streamlined kitchen can be designed. Maximizing space means a more effective restaurant kitchen – and who doesn’t want that?
  • Flexibility: Menus change quite often, so understanding your restaurant kitchen layout needs to be dynamic is important. Adaptable work spaces mean your culinary team can get more use out of workstations and equipment. And, if you add new dishes, you have the flexibility to accommodate their preparation processes by evolving your kitchen layout.

Concept First

Knowing if you’re developing a fast food establishment versus a fine dining experience is crucial when it comes to the layout of the restaurant and commercial kitchen. Here’s why:

  • Kitchen Equipment: Different kitchen equipment is a factor when it comes to the layout of your commercial kitchen. Depending on the type of restaurant, your kitchen will demand a different workflow – and getting that right is important when it comes to ensuring your kitchen staff have what they need to be efficient.
  • Service Areas: If you have a fine dining concept, you’ll need a service space where food is expediated to diners. However, if you have a fast food or buffet-style restaurant, you’ll need very different set-ups.

Whether you have your concept down or have decided on a menu – or both – TME is your partner. As a food-service design-build company, we can help you determine possible layouts, set budgets and work through all of your options, including custom equipment and product fabrication. Tailoring your space to your menu, concept or both, will ensure your commercial kitchen space is used wisely and your kitchen staff is more efficient.

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