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University Cafeteria & Food Service Kitchen Design

With thousands of colleges and universities to choose from, higher education establishments need to stand out to attract their portion of the millions of students who attend each year. Cafeteria options is one way. Offering a variety of food service concepts and menu items can be a big draw.

On the other hand, accessibility and efficiency are important to current students who need to dine at locations all over campus. Hurrying in between classes or before study groups or practice, individuals need to be able to choose food quickly. Display space also needs to be expansive enough to hold large enough quantities of a variety food appealing to everyone’s taste. Plus, the right equipment needs to be leveraged to keep food fresh and at the appropriate temperatures for longer periods of time.

And you can’t forget about experience. Students do more than eating in the cafeteria. It’s a place to meet up with friends, finish homework or do light studying. The right cafeteria design supports the need for flexibility while improving the food production process.

TME can help you create the right cafeteria layout strategy for your single space or multiple buildings across campus. Our team will help you determine the right combination of setups to serve anywhere from 200 to 50,000 people breakfast, lunch, dinner and every snack in between. We help you consider designs that make it easy for your university kitchen staff keep everything stocked and fresh with ample storage space and innovative equipment. We’ll also recommend cafeteria features to meet your students’ diverse needs.

Whether your project is a single university cafeteria or encompasses multiple food service offerings across campus, the TME team is your go to resource. Get in touch with us today to see what we can do for your college or university.

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