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K-12 Cafeteria Kitchen Design-Build

Whether your project is a new build or remodel, all school cafeteria kitchens need to be efficient and flexible to accommodate vast menus and changing nutritional requirements. Just as important, it needs to be a safe environment that produces not only healthy, but delicious food for students of all ages. Safety is key to a successful cafeteria, for both staff and students. The environment itself needs to be safe, with shut-off valves and the right vent placement, and the food needs to safe, in regard to storage and preparation.

Equipment is one major factor when designing a school cafeteria kitchen. From cost-saving features to low-energy options, commercial kitchen equipment can improve refrigeration, preparation, cooking and serving ­— not to mention displaying, which is key in a cafeteria setting. School kitchen equipment should also be easy to operate and maintain and save space.

When it comes to an effective layout, it is crucial cafeteria kitchens don’t take away from other important areas. Deciding on the right layout ensures students and faculty have ample space for learning and collaborating to take place ­— in the cafeteria setting and beyond. A strategic commercial kitchen layout means more space can be dedicated to other areas in a school, like libraries, common areas, classrooms or staff offices.

TME are at the head of the class when it comes to school kitchen design-build projects. Our team of experts has seen it all and can make recommendations that will satisfy requirements and your students’ taste buds. Contact our team today to learn about all the possibilities when it comes to your cafeteria kitchen.

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