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Industrial Food Service for Businesses.

Feeding your workforce can be challenging, from handling the lunchtime rush, to preparing healthy, flavorful food, to offering satisfying snack options. Located at the place of business for convenience, restaurants, cafes, snack bars and grab-and-go concessions all need to be efficient. Whether employees are either grabbing lunch in between meetings or are entertaining clients, food needs to be prepared on demand and offer the freshness and variety that an off-site venue would provide.

TME understands what employees expect from a corporate dining program. From a few hundred employees to several thousand, our team can help you determine the right options for your single or multiple on-site commercial kitchens. Our food service for businesses guides stakeholders through space allocation, design options, equipment selection and the build-out process. We also offer custom fabrication for products and equipment, enabling clients to make the most out of their set footprint. Plus, our specific line of foodservice equipment and counters are UL Listed and EPH Listed, meaning they’ve been tested to guarantee safe use. Learn more here.

For creative ideas and trusted designs that go beyond your typical corporate cafeteria, rely on TME.

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