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Kitchens for Government & Military Dining Facilities

When updating or creating a new design for a government or military dining facility, specific codes and safety regulations must be met — in addition to aesthetic standards and preferences. Serving a variety of people, these commercial kitchens need to enhance the dining experience while offering peace of mind.

Commercial kitchens for government or military agencies should also be state-of-the-art, impacting morale and supporting a certain quality of life. TME has extensive knowledge regarding the design of modern foodservice solutions. Capable of fabricating custom commercial kitchen products and equipment, we can also help clients capitalize their space while maintaining safety regulations. In fact, our line of foodservice equipment and counters are UL Listed and EPH Listed, meaning they have been proven to be safe for use through rigorous testing.

Government municipalities can also depend on TME’s ‘Solutions, No Excuses’ attitude. We work diligently to meet government foodservice needs by providing design-build services and supplying high quality kitchen equipment. Our communication is also second-to-none. Government and military clients can depend on our team to maintain project schedule and always be aware of project scope.

To learn more about what our UL Listing and EPH Listing mean to you, please review our Associations page.

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