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Full Service Restaurant Commercial Kitchen

At a full service restaurant, customer experience is integral for repeat business. While you offer takeout and online ordering, the in-house experience is crucial to be successful. Part of that experience is the level of satisfaction with service, part is ambiance ­— and a large part has to do with food and drinks.

The right layout helps ensure your full service restaurant has the right flow to efficiently function and be as profitable as possible. Because guests expect more at this type of establishment, everything has to be right. Which means your commercial kitchen needs to be organized in a strategic way to store, prepare, serve and clean.

Full service restaurant kitchens also have to be efficient because of the vast menu typical of these establishments. Catering to a diverse patron population, these restaurants often have a variety of dishes to choose from. A solid commercial kitchen set up needs to be in place to accommodate all orders.

TME understands your commercial kitchen is the heart of your restaurant. Because of that, it needs to function seamlessly for your staff so excellent and delicious meals are prepared for your patrons. We’ve helped countless full service establishments ensure all kitchen components are accounted for and strategically placed to maximize your footprint and create an efficient workspace. As your expert resource, TME will review your menu to make equipment and custom fabrication recommendations to help your restaurant be a success.

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