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Food Hall Commercial Kitchen Design-Build

Most major cities now have at least one food hall ꟷ and the numbers are growing fast. Offering unique and distinct food and drink options, the food hall trend isn’t set to go anywhere. Cushman & Wakefield, an American commercial real estate services company, explains, “No other retail category has generated as much aggressive growth in the past few years as food-related retail. And arguably, there is no hotter trend currently within that category as food halls.”

However, while food halls play into the rise of the foodie culture, they also pose unique challenges for restaurateurs, from smaller kitchen footprints to specific equipment needs. Not to mention, the project scope and complexity can be drastically different if you are responsible for one stall concept or are the single owner/operator for the entire food hall.

And although food halls have been around for decades, today’s modern model differs in that food proprietors are focused on providing quality food and authentic experiences. Plus, stall concepts are pushing the traditional boundaries by offering a range of choices from high-end, artisanal selections to upscale dining to street food.

After participating in multiple food hall design-build projects, TME can navigate you through your options and make recommendations to create an efficient commercial kitchen for your single stall or entire food hall is the TME team. Our understanding of the design and construction process, your requirements and diners’ expectations enables us to create a functional and appealing commercial kitchen. With extensive experience coordinating the moving parts of food hall projects, our team of experts can take your food hall concept and make it a reality. 

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