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Commercial Kitchens for Fast Casual Dining Establishments

Foodservice industry experts believe consumers drive restaurant trends, as is the case for fast casual restaurants. Positioned a step above quick serve or fast food establishments, customers expect better, fresher ingredients, higher customer service and a trendy feel. Steve Ells, the founder of Chipotle, put it best when he said, “I started Chipotle with the idea to create an experience that’s fast, and not fast food.”

Because food quality and options are key to customer satisfaction, fast casual restaurants emphasize taste and innovation, usually adding new dishes and seasonal offerings to intrigue customers willing pay more for higher quality food prepared quickly. However, fast casual dining is similar to quick serve in that there is no table service. Customers move through a queue as they decide what they want to eat. And that oftentimes means patrons can watch as food is prepared, posing unique challenges to a fast casual restaurant’s commercial kitchen layout.

As experts in efficient commercial kitchen design-build projects, TME will develop a layout that increases efficiency so your patrons can get in, order and get out (or stay a while if they chose). Our designs also encompass all the features your fast casual restaurant requires. From ample refrigeration and storage for fresh food to appealing stainless steel countertops and equipment for beautiful, open kitchens, we understand how components of a fast casual restaurant need to interact to be successful. Everything down to the material selected contributes to a dining experience that rivals any fast food joint.

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