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Sports & Entertainment Venue Commercial Kitchens

Whether your patrons are sitting courtside at the big game, front row at the hottest concert or in a box at the best theater in town, they don’t want to wait for their meal or snack. Concession stands, snack kiosks, bars and back kitchens need to have an effective layout to store, prepare, produce, warm and display dishes. Individuals want to order, grab their food and get back to their seat fast to not miss any action.

People also expect elevated food options, so hot dogs and french fries just don’t cut it anymore. With more sophisticated palettes — for both food and drinks ­­— your sports or entertainment venue kitchen and bar set up can’t miss a shot, skip a beat or forget a line. That means your commercial kitchen will most likely require different or even customized equipment. Instead of creating dishes based on what’s available, the mindset has really shifted to developing a kitchen design based off your menu.

The commercial kitchen design-build process has many stages, and the TME is excited to help you through the process. Our team offers decades of experience working for some of the most popular sport and entertainment venues in Texas and across the United States.

We’ve seen firsthand the shift in food and drink expectations and can help navigate you through custom equipment and commercial kitchen product fabrication ­­— which can open your venue up to a world of new opportunities. From layout recommendations and design support, our team of experts is here to help your project succeed.

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